Emmy Award Winning Gal...EGOT status here I come


I found out I won an Emmy in the midst of waiting to meet someone for brunch. God is good. I was caught off guard when my former colleague at Nickelodeon texted me this image. I couldn’t have fathomed winning an Emmy ever.

It was time to dream bigger. EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony) status here I come!

if you could have what you want without worrying about the HOW, what would it be? Whatever your answer is, start working towards it. We got this!

#GetteSetter Alert: Panel Moderator at Power Rising Conference in New Orleans 2/22


My heart is so full from receiving various opportunities to speak on my journey or being able to push the conversation forward on others’ journeys.

On February 22, 2019. I was invited to moderate a panel called Images of Black Women in Pop Culture and Media. It was such a pleasure to be in and around rooms of full of black and brown women who are the mission to empower themselves and others.

Thank you to the ladies and planning committee of Power Rising as well as Kim Selden for throwing me in the mix. Look forward to building with these beautiful women next year. Put this on your list of conferences to attend as well.

NEW PODCAST ALERT: Black + Nuanced Podcast


My new podcast has arrived. Feels good to be back. My guests and I come together to dispel the idea that all black people are monoliths, bringing our varying perspectives to pop culture, relationships, and things we go through that we can't always name.

Listen to me on the following platforms, Soundcloud, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Stitcher.

Email all podcast inquiries to blacknuancedpod@gmail.com and follow me on twitter and instagram @blacknuancedpod.