Lessons Learned As a Single Woman Watching Girlfriend's Guide to Divorce

Credit: Dean Buscher/Bravo

Credit: Dean Buscher/Bravo

All my single ladies, all my single ladies! Yes I’m talking to you and ME.

Over the years, network television has done a great job glamorizing the single life or at least making that sh*t look good most of the time. Hello Sex and the City (SATC) and New Girl. Stop reading my life. Read more


Oh Hello Season 3 Premiere of Girlfriend's Guide to Divorce

If you’ve been keeping up with the comical and relatable series, Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce, then you’re in for a treat tonight for the season three premiere on Bravo. Abby McCarthy, played by the lovely Lisa Edelstein, finds herself and her gals picking up the pieces while exploring love and freedom in hopeful [and sometimes hopeless] places. 

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