Power Recap Season 5 Episode 2: Damage Control

Credit: Starz

Credit: Starz

There’s trouble, trouble, trouble. Jason’s guys are on site at the port checking on their shipment when they were approached by the Jimenez who claim they’re on their territory. The guys said they were sent by Jason, the LA connect that Tommy got into business with in season three, and that they didn’t want any trouble. Too late. As they guys pretended to walk away, they were killed after pulling out their weapons on the Jimenez. Strike one. Now Jason’s out of money and product.

It’s the day after Raina’s burial and the St. Patricks are reflecting on her death in their own way. Keisha’s been holding the family down during their grieving process as Tommy drops by the house and sees Keisha in the kitchen. AWKWARD since he ghosted her last season. Kudos to her for holding back the petty that I wouldn’t have. Out of the loop, Keisha asks Tommy what’s been going on. Tommy assures her it’s safer that she doesn’t know. Angela summons Tasha at their spot to find out if anyone can trace Tariq back to Ray Ray. Angela also assures Tasha that she took care of the damage control on her end and hands Tasha a phone to contact her with. When the wife becomes allies with the mistress that broke her family up, all I can say is gracious.

Angela’s whole team is plotting against her and it’s very obvious. Maks walks into a meeting he thought he was overseeing only to see Angela ready to debrief them on the cartel hit that happened with the Jimenez. Everyone’s uninterested because it’s Angela.

Credit: Starz

Credit: Starz

After Angela’s “meeting”, Saxe meets with Donovan and Maks as he continues vying for Maria Suarez to be a witness against James St. Patrick being Ghost, which Maks isn’t buying given her lack of credibility on seeing anything. Despite that, Saxe is fired up and his motives for wanting to nail “Ghost” are revealed. Saxe’s thinking is if they can prove James St. Patrick killed Suarez’s fiance, Miguel Alvarez, they can redeem the office and end Angela’s career. Maks agrees that Angela needs to go but it won’t happen with Suarez as their witness. He knows who to go after though.

With Maks filing a bar complaint against Proctor, Maks decides to pay him a visit and give him an offer. If Proctor’s willing to rat out his “past clients”, Maks would be willing to remove the bar complaint. Proctor’s not with the shits though. “You’re going to save my law license so I can break the law. That’s a good one John.” Proctor doesn’t budge but Maks mentioning Proctor’s daughter as he’s exiting rubs Proctor the wrong way. Since Proctor won’t concede, Maks’ witch hunt continues. Maks subpoenaed Terry Silver to testify as a character witness against Proctor since they worked together on St. Patrick’s case AND because he wasn’t listed as a character witness for Proctor. Maks is a certified asshole at this point. Proctor’s at his hearing to defend his law license as Maks enters the court room to sit in. Silver later walks in to testify against Proctor to Proctor’s surprise. No thanks to Silver’s testimony, Proctor’s fate doesn’t look good but anything can happen.

Tasha asks Ghost to check with Kanan on anyone being able to connect Tariq to Ray Ray. When Ghost talks to him, he gets the name David Struthers, street name Brains. If you recall, Brains, Ray Ray, and Tariq were part of the botched robbery job where Brains was about to rape that woman and Tariq runs out. Yea we didn’t forget about that either.

Ghost tells Tasha what he finds out, who then in turn texts Angela the info on the phone she gave Tasha. As she’s sitting in Raina’s room talking to Ghost, she asks him to attend a grief counseling group meeting with her and asks Ghost to reconsider letting Tariq transfer to a different school. Ghost’s not sure that Tariq should be out of their sight.

They attend the meeting and as they’re asked to pray, Ghost’s eyes remain wide open as he surveys the room. He doesn’t trust anyone but is there to support Tasha. A couple shared their story about their son being killed by a drunk driver, who they still see walking to the liquor store at night. When Tasha was about to share, Ghost grabbed her hand as his way of stopping her. As they pull up to their place after the meeting, Tasha’s upset that Ghost won’t let her grieve. He just doesn’t think that’s the place to do it. Tasha exits the car as Ghost calls Angela hoping to grieve. No sir. While Ghost is calling her, we finally see who D. Gaines is, the name Angela logged in under to delete the file. He’s apparently “locked” out of his account no thanks to Angela. He’s seems like such a nice guy too.

Tommy and Ghost meet up with Kanan to find out what happened with Dre when Kanan reveals that Dre was tipped off and escaped. They ponder who could’ve given Dre the heads up as their meeting is abruptly interrupted by Tommy’s fave, Jason, who isn’t happy about his shipment being seized by the Feds. Tommy now owes Jason $2 million. Since Tommy can’t get away from Ghost and Jason doesn’t know who Kanan is, Jason enlists EVERYBODY to kill the Jimenez together as if they had a choice. Ghost didn’t know about Jason and is not exactly thrilled that he has to kill another connect when all he wants to do kill is Dre and get out of the game for good.

Speaking of Dre, he stops by to see Diego who isn’t happy about what happened at the port either. He makes it very clear that Dre better get this international club business popping off so Diego’s drugs can start circulating in more ways.  Diego also has another shipment coming in to replace what’s gone and he’s counting on Dre to distribute it. We already know Dre bit off more than he could chew but since he wants to act like the H.N.I.C., he better deliver like one too. Pfff.  

Councilman Tate and James meet at the club to chat fundraising goals for the Queens Community Project (QCP) that James said was “dedicated” to Raina. An opportunist at heart, Tate wants to use the St. Patricks’ loss as another press opportunity for donors to buy into the project. The only way he feels that it can happen is if James and Tasha quell some unanswered questions surrounding Raina’s death. He agrees to speak to Tasha about it and she says no. Tate acts like he understands and then invites James and his wife to a “mixer”. When James and Tasha arrive, they get ambushed by Tate asking them to say something to the press, whom they didn’t know was in attendance. Tasha speaks her peace loudly as James tries to calm her down from making a scene. After the event, James tries to catch up with Tasha to tell her they were ambushed but…she’s upset (best Drake voice).

Credit: Starz

Credit: Starz

Tommy’s leaving his apartment and sees Sammy waiting for him outside. Sammy takes him to see Carmine, whom Tommy didn’t know was shot. When Tommy asked what happened to him and Marco (the guys Sammy told him to stay away from), Carmine confirmed Dre was tipped off and that Marco died.  Sammy and Tommy leave Carmine, promising to bring a doctor back to look at his wounds. Tommy goes and visits his dad in jail to get some advice and gets reamed for not including Vince. Teresi wants him to apologize and make things right. Tommy and Sammy come back with a doctor but Carmine has died. Now Tommy has to explain two dead guys to Vince. He tells Vince what happened and Sammy saves his ass, “confirming” Tommy killed the guy who hurt Vince’s godsons. Since he owes Vince, Tommy agrees to take a 50% cut on their drug profits. Tommy apologizes and is warned not to tarnish Teresi’s name. Sammy punches Tommy, making it clear that he won’t lie for him again.

Dre meets up with one of his crew members Francis, to plan the first Jimenez shipment coming in as the new connect. Since Callahan’s gone, Dre needs help moving the weight. Cristobal walks in and tells Dre about the infighting happening with the Toros Locos (TL), which they want to take advantage of. The TL’s number two guy, Lorenzo is fighting with Julio’s cousin, Arturo, who thinks Lorenzo killed Julio so he could take over the TL. Cristobal asks Dre who he thinks should run the TL and Dre thinks it should be Arturo since he’s green and won’t try to come for Dre’s spot.  Cristobal thinks it should be Lorenzo but Dre’s mind is made up and wants Cristobal to make it happen. After Cristobal puts Arturo in place, Dre wants all the higher ups killed including Lorenzo.  

Dre’s two guys, Spank and Francis, ride out to take care of the shipment when they see Lorenzo walking by himself. Spank thinks it’s a bad idea to roll up on him but Francis thinks killing him will make Dre proud. Not the case. When Francis tells Dre he killed Lorenzo, Dre’s livid because he thinks it’ll be traced back to them. Cristobal smirks as he sees that Dre’s leadership is a little loosey goosey. Dre and his ego let Francis have it outside as Kanan’s tucked away watching them argue.

Cristobal and Dre link with Arturo as Dre’s introduced as the new connect for the Jimenez. Dre mentions the death of Lorenzo to Arturo to see if he did it and Arturo says yes. You big dummy. With Arturo feeling like he needs to prove himself, him lying about killing Lorenzo makes a perfect alibi for Cristobal and Dre.

Angela gets pulled into a meeting with her boss, Tamika, Saxe, and Donovan to present more findings with the cartel hit only to share that the hit was done by Diego Jimenez himself. They pulled surveillance footage from the apartment building where you see Diego and a woman exiting with a baby. It can easily be presented as if they’re a happy couple leaving for the night. Angela’s really putting her all into this case but you can see her co-workers and her boss don’t trust her. Hence another meeting happens without Angela where Tamika learns from Maks and Saxe that Tommy is Teresi’s son.

Dre’s at the club chatting going international with one of Karen’s associates, who’s excited for the expansion. If you recall, Karen initiated this deal with Ghost end of season three before he got locked up. Diego decides to pay Dre a visit at the club. I’m sure Diego’s becoming a pain in Dre’s side now but we don’t care. Dre’s about to learn today.

James won’t let up on calling Angela but she ignores his call again. Needing to get some anger off his chest, he decides to roll up on the drunk driver that killed the couple’s son in his grief counseling session. So much for damage control.