Power Recap Season 5 Episode 1: 'Everyone is Implicated'

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Season 5 premiere opens up with Angela internally losing her shit on giving Tasha too much information that ended up with crooked cop Raymond Jones getting killed and now making Angela an accessory. Although the investigation falls out of her new line of work as a federal prosecutor and the new head of criminal, she still felt the need to be on the crime scene even offering a suggestion on testing the bullet found in the wall of Jones’ apartment.

As she’s processing things, she’s interrupted by Detective Equiano who asks for her statement in case it turns into a murder investigation. She declines saying he doesn’t need one from her and proceeds to exit. Angela’s been blowing Tasha’s phone up and they meet in Tasha’s building garage, so she can tell Tasha what she thinks happened and share what she saw on the crime scene that can potentially implicate the St. Patricks’. Angela’s convinced after giving Tasha all the information about Ray’s Ray’s whereabouts and her being asked to check the location of Tariq’s phone, that Ghost killed Ray Ray. When Angela threatened to turn them all in (the nerve), Tasha’s forced to admit Tariq killed Ray Ray with Tasha’s gun. Angela informs Tasha they found a bullet on the crime scene and since Tasha’s gun was already ran through ballistics previously, it’ll be easy to trace the bullet back to her gun. Tasha asks Angela to bury the records before they can trace it back to both of them since Angela’s now an unintended accessory to murder for knowing too much.

Angela’s in her office contemplating deleting the evidence, logged in under another agent’s name when she gets an unexpected visit from Bianca Rodriguez, NYPD internal affairs, the same woman that saw Angela leave the crime scene. She questions Angela about being there, not following protocol on signing in, and if she ever spoke to Raymond Jones. Angela denies having spoken to Jones and politely excused Rodriguez from her office so she could go to a “meeting”. Angela goes to see Tasha again and Tasha’s not having it on Angela being hesitant on deleting the file. She feels like Angela owes them for tearing their family apart. Angela finally deletes the file.

Credit: Starz

Credit: Starz

Meanwhile back at the St. Patrick ranch, Lakeisha’s holding down the fort until Tasha gets back. When Tasha walks in with this distressed look on her face, Keisha asks what’s wrong. Without saying much, Tasha asks her best friend for help needing her to say Tasha was at home the whole night if anyone asks. She agrees.

Dre’s shady ass is fresh from killing Father Callahan as he turns the corner to Ray’s Ray’s block and sees a bunch of cops outside. Who does he call to get the scoop? The wannabe thugger himself, Tariq, who keeps the conversation hella short. Dre calls Cristobal to meet up. When they link, Dre learns that the Tainos they sent to kill Kanan never came back and now it’s all she wrote. Dre tells Cristobal that Tommy knows that he set up and that he also killed Father Callahan so there wouldn’t be any problems. Cristobal isn’t enthused that Dre killed a “man of God”. The irony. Now that they know the three musketeers (Ghost, Tommy, and Kanan) are out to get them, they come up with a plan to bring Ghost and Tommy to their turf.

Even though Ghost and Tommy don’t trust Kanan, they “need” him to get back at Dre without the Jimenez tracing it back to them. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” so they say. The three of them ride out to the warehouse to kill Dre. Tommy and Ghost walk in and Ghost sees it’s a setup. Tommy and Ghost try to run for cover as Ghost gets hit by a bullet in the process. Kanan saves the day driving through the warehouse blasting off his gun as they all escape. They call Proctor, who brings a doctor to help Ghost with his injuries. Proctor doesn’t know who Kanan is nor does he want to know since he’s working on getting his law license back and can’t be anywhere colluding with Ghost and Tommy. Ghost, Tommy, and Kanan have to regroup on getting Dre back. They go to Tommy’s place as he suggests using the Italians, whom Ghost doesn’t trust. Since Dre will most likely be looking for black hitmen, Ghost agrees that they should use the Italians and some of Kanan’s people.

Credit: Starz

Credit: Starz

You remember “Pink Sneakers” from season one and two? If you recall, she was the woman [wait for it], Kanan hired to kill Ghost for sending him to jail. Yes the same Kanan that’s riding out with them in season five to kill Dre. Stay with me. When Ghost caught up to Pink Sneakers in season one and two, he tied her up but only killed her fiancé, letting her live. First mistake. She moved on with her life until she heard Ghost’s voice on the TV screen one day at work. For whatever reason, she decided to come out of hiding revealing herself as Maria Suarez and share information on Ghost with Angela’s boss, Tamika, and Saxe. Mind you, Suarez only knows what he sounds like and not what he looks like. Maks reminds them that won’t hold up in court. Tamika wants Angela to weigh in, but Saxe did a good job of making Tamika so weary of Angela that she changes her mind after speaking to Angela herself on her whereabouts last night.

Tommy, Ghost, and Kanan meet Tasha, Tariq, and Councilman Tate at the church where Raina’s service will be held. Tasha notices Kanan and questions why he’s around. Councilman Tate is still up to no good ever since blackmailing Ghost last season. As Ghost, Tariq, and Tasha are doing the walkthrough, Tate mentions that they have the press involved and Tasha’s upset. She doesn’t want a spectacle made of her daughter’s death. Ghost one ups Tate and tells Tasha that the Queens community project he and the Councilman are working on [that Tate wants to build in a gang infested area] will be dedicated to Raina. Of course, that wasn’t the Councilman’s original plan. *Jadakiss laugh* Tate then decides to volunteer Tariq to do the eulogy since he was blind sighted by Ghost’s comment. Parents disagree but Tariq insists on doing it.

Ghost, Tariq, and Tasha arrive home after the church walkthrough and Tasha softly grills Tariq about what he knows and why Ray Ray was after Raina. When Tariq tries to act so hard, Ghost goes thee f**k off and reveals to Tasha about Tariq’s wannabe janky life of crime. Ghost slapping the table had to be one of thee best parts of this scene. Tasha’s shocked at all that she’s hearing. Tariq tries to defend himself, saying he went to do what he thought was right for Raina, although Ghost thinks Dre sent Tariq to Ray Ray to die. When Tariq tried to walk away, Ghost slammed him against the wall like the hard-headed negro son he was before Tasha broke them up. It didn’t help that Ghost blamed Tasha for “not watching him”. The most disrespected woman is the black woman but we all know emotions are fragile for both Tasha and Ghost after they both lost their daughter while Tariq watched it all happen.

Before the funeral, Tommy meets with the Italians (Vince) to ask for their help on moving weight since he no longer has a crew he can trust. He also touches the forbidden fruit and hires two guys he was warned to stay away from, before meeting with Vince, to kill Dre. When they arrive at the funeral, Tommy lets Ghost know everyone’s in place as Tariq overhears everything. Tariq goes up to give the eulogy and fakes like he’s getting emotionally choked up, so he can excuse himself to warn Dre. He’s such a buster for that and I can’t wait for Ghost to find out. Thanks to Tariq, Dre escapes Kanan’s people and shoots Vince’s people without Vince knowing Tommy hired them. This won’t end well once Vince finds out.

Credit: Starz

Credit: Starz

Angela goes to see Proctor at his apartment building and wonders why he hasn’t returned her calls. He simply doesn’t trust her and is curious on sudden interest and insistence on helping him. Angela tries to get in his head but to no avail says, “If you had to do it all over again, would you have still helped Jamie?” Proctor doesn’t hesitate to show his loyalty. “Probably. No good deed goes unpunished Angela.” We couldn’t agree more.

Tasha isn’t over Terry, Ghost’s old lawyer, and it’s obvious as she’s talking to him in the stairwell of the church. Terry thinks Tasha’s covering up for James when she asked for representation last season but we all know she’s covering up for her son. She also misses Terry’s warm embrace as her mother sees them kissing in the stairwell. Here we go. Put that in the book of she’s got to get hers too.

Dre escaped death, so he thinks he’s sitting on top of the world. He visits Ghost at Raina’s gravesite as it’s revealed that individual La Araña cards were left at Tommy’s apartment door and on Kanan’s car windshield. Dre makes it clear he has the full protection of the Jimenez and that Ghost needs to stay in his lane or he’ll be burying someone else as he leaves a La Araña card in Ghost’s blazer pocket. The nerve. Ghost rips up the card because revenge knows no bounds like a parent that loses a child. Dre’s messing with the wrong family and Tariq will soon see he’s not built for this thugger thugger life.