Oh Hello Season 3 Premiere of Girlfriend's Guide to Divorce

Credit: NBCUniversal

Credit: NBCUniversal

If you’ve been keeping up with the comical and relatable series, Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce, then you’re in for a treat tonight for the season three premiere on Bravo. Abby McCarthy, played by the lovely Lisa Edelstein, finds herself and her gals picking up the pieces while exploring love and freedom in hopeful [and sometimes hopeless] places. 

What makes the series so good and has me on the edge of my seat for this upcoming season is the many layers we continue to see Abby shed as she isn’t afraid to get messy with love, relationships, single-dom (at times), and vulnerability. She wears her layers well while looking stylish in a few featured looks from fashion designer Ramy Sharp’s Ramy Brook collection.   

This isn’t a show for divorced women. It’s a show for any woman who has ever had to put their big girl, sexy panties on and pull it together for their children, loved ones, close friends, family, insert ____ as you see fit.

Thanks to Bravo and Bloomingdale's last night, I had a chance to chat with Lisa about what she wanted for her character, Abby, and Ramy’s thoughts on the best revenge outfit. Watch the interview below and make sure you tune in tonight at 10 pm EST/PST on Bravo. Ciao!